Leander Thiel

Work as a freelancer and designer for R S W product design & innovation consultancy (formerly Ding3000), Thonet GmbH, Jojorama GbR etc.


1st place Aveneo Newcomer Innovation Award − 2016

Nominated for Aveneo Newcomer Innovation Award − 2016

Universal Design Award Consumer Favorite − 2016

2nd place UVEX PPO − 2015

Nominated for Tassimo Ideenwerkstatt & Koziol − 2014

Press & Exhibition

Exhibition & Exhibition Concept Ventura Lambrate − Milan, 2016

Prototypenparty Altenpflege Spezial − Hanover, Germany 2016

Exhibition & Exhibition Concept “DESIGNHOCH16” − Hanover, Germany 2015

Brasilia magazine − 2015

Exhibition & Exhibition Concept at Institut Seni Indonesia − Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2014

Design Thinking Workshop − Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2014

Internship & Education

Hochschule Hannover M.A. course Design and Media − 2017-2018

Hochschule Hannover B.A. course Industrial Design − 2012-2017

Lio Design GmbH − Braunschweig, Germany 2014/2015

University of Hamburg B.A. course Nano Science − 2011/2012

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