Mobility 204X

About the structural change of the automobile interior until the Year 204X and the future mobility

Extract: The intention of the project is a conceptual answer to the changing demands on the automobile in 204X. The design primarily refers to the new possibilities of use through the digitalisation of transport, social impacts and changed user behaviour. Visible in an exemplary car interior.

204X, digitization and global networking has permeated every aspect of human life. HomeOffice, eCommerce and other digitally realizable everyday services lead to the rejection of expensive vehicle investments and result in a lack of car sales. Vehicle manufacturers are forced by social and technological developments to radically rethink their sales strategy and develop into providers of mobility as a service. Completely autonomous mobility units, ideally distributed on the roads according to demand by BigData, transport people as efficiently as possible through everyday life.

Smart car: The interior of the future mobility vehicle experiences a similar process as the mobile phone on its way to a smartphone. The central, digital interface in the windshield is the main focus of the new use of the interior. It enables the use of „work“,“relaxation“ and „entertainment“ and uses apps to develop the vehicle into a multimedia playable space.

Human centered: The interior experiences a visual reinterpretation. The disappearance of brand messages such as „vehicle performance“ or „prestige“, caused by the autonomous driving of rental vehicles, is accompanied by the renunciation of a dynamic and sporty interior. The new central design themes are „atmosphere“ and „comfort“. Inspiration and design are based on living space and furniture design and form the interior into a place that invites you to stay.

More service: As a result of the change from „buying-in“ to „rental vehicles“, the service of the provider is becoming more important. Among other things, food counters or fresh coffee are available to the user at all times and create convenience.


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