This clock relaxes the beholder by irritating him. It plays with the archetype of a clock and modifies it in a single detail. The watch hand, in contrast to a normal watch hand, passes through the middle of the clock and creates a moment of irritation for the observer. He has to follow his own inner sense of time to how late it is. The corpus is made of poured concrete, burnished and covered with a thin layer of laquer. Having a diameter of about 40 cm, the clock is relatively big and heavy, but still manageable and placeable on a wall. At least contemporary and ephemeral neon colored watch hands create a strong contrast to the long lasting concrete and forms an interesting experience for the observer.



Time has always been mystifying for humans. Everyone has its own sense of time according his state of mind like sad, happy, stressed or bored. In the 21st century time is one of the most precious properties for mankind. Humans build machines to generate more time for themselves, but nevertheless time is defined by lack. He is on his own to break free from the everyday haste and to experience time deliberately. The clock as the central time measuring device seemed to be a rather obvious choice in changing the way humans are influenced by time. The clock can relax its owner by irritation and create attention for his own sense of time. It plays with the archetypical clock and modifies it in a small single detail. The watch hands indicate the clock to be pretty normal on first sight. The second sight reveals the changes when the observer is trying to read the time. It is possible for him to find out the correct time but he has to follow his own sense of time and need to combine the watch hands correctly.


Exhibited at DESIGNHOCH16, 2016, Hanover and Ventura Lambrate, 2016, Milan


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