Riseup Chair

This chair combines an easy stand up aid and a non stigmatizing design. Often the dimensions of chairs are specific designed to fit for a young and physical healthy target group. This chair is created to help elderly people with the most difficult aspect in sitting – the struggle to stand up.  The lower rail is bended and allows the sitter to tilt forward in a different sitting position. While tilting forward the back of the chair rises and decreases the angle in the knees which allows standing up with less effort. This different sitting position also grants the ability to stand up easier with the use of your arms so you don’t have to slide at the front edge of the seat shell and save time. The seat shell is higher and wider than usually to improve the comfort. The actual existing solutions appear to be prejudicing for the user. They seem to work but have a lack in design. A good function must be combined with a good design so that the chair is more than a functional object and can demonstrate the liberty and style of its owner.

One should think about how oneself wants to live one day. Whether one has to comply with the age-related circumstances or whether self-realization should not be restricted even in old age.


Exhibited at Altenpflege, 2016, Hanover

Awards: 1st place Aveneo Newcomer Innovation Award and universal design consumer favorite 2016 and

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